Austin Chiropractic Services:

At Full Life Chiropractic in Austin it is our goal to provide exemplary chiropractic care to each and every patient.  Doctor Andrew wants to help you reach your goals, so if a specific health problem is holding you back from doing what you want to do,
At our Austin Chiropractic Clinic we’re here to help, and get you back to living a full life!  There is information below about the different chiropractic services offered in our Austin chiropractic office – should you have any queries or questions please call us at 512-953-9612.

Austin Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor provides advanced spinal correction using Blair Upper Cervical chiropractic, and a variety of other chiropractic techniques.  This makes our approach suitable for any person we see.  Doctor Andrew provide a comprehensive, scientific approach to traditional chiropractic care, which gives predictable results for patients.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Andrew has years of training and experience, and is able to serve those with acute pain and injury, as well as those looking for wellness and pediatric care.  With the proper application of corrective chiropractic methods, significant long-term relief can be achieved for many different conditions such as:

·         Back pain and neck pain ·         Headaches and migraines
·         Leg pain and Sciatica ·         Scoliosis
·         Shoulder pain ·         Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia
·         Sleep disorders ·         Digestive problems
·         Allergies ·         High blood pressure
·         Acid reflux ·         Asthma
·         Knee and foot pain ·         Disc herniation

Spinal Rehabilitation Austin

Our chiropractor teaches a specific program of tailored exercises for each person to do at home, in conjunction with the chiropractic care provided in the office.  These exercises strengthen and correct the unique problems our patients are faced with.  By addressing the problems with the muscles, cartilage and ligaments in the comfort of your own home, it enables us to get quicker and more sustainable results.  Think of it like braces for your teeth – the braces put the teeth in place, the retainer keeps them there.  The spinal rehabilitation is the retainer!

Everyday Living Guidance from your Austin Chirorpactor

Doctor Andrew has found it beneficial to communicate to our patients how their activities of everyday living may be aiding or aggravating their condition.  By advising on how certain activities could be modified, or perhaps avoided, it aids in our patient’s recovery and moves them closer to their health goals.  Ultimately, a person’s recovery is a combined effort between our practitioners and our patients, but we’ll provide any advice we can to assist the process.

Nutritional Counseling Austin

We offer free nutritional guidance to all our Austin chiropractic patients.  It may not always be the most obvious thing, but often how we’re eating can have a massive impact on how our body functions.  We extend specific, tailored recommendations on healthy food choices, nutrition and proper supplementation to aid in the restoration of our patient’s optimal health and function.  Often, it’s the smallest change that can make the biggest difference!