Austin Chiropractor Progress Phases:

Regaining your health and function through chiropractic care at our Austin clinic can be a process. Your body will go through different phases of healing at different times as it fully repairs and corrects. This process is different for each person, but most of us go through three broad phases of chiropractic care.

Phase 1: Chiropractic Relief care

If you are in pain or struggling when we first see you, the first thing Doctor Andrew will do is simply help you to feel better! Depending on what our Austin Chiropractor finds after the assessment, we’ll advise the best course of action to help you get there.

Many of our Austin patients first seek a chiropractor when they are in pain. We assume that if it doesn’t hurt, then everything must be ok.  Our Chiropractor says the drawback of this thought process is that pain is often the last thing to appear.  Think of a tooth cavity – does it hurt the instant the cavity starts, or after a certain level of damage has happened?  Many patients are surprised by this when they learn about their spinal health for the first time, but then – how would your teeth look if you’d never visited a dentist?

As with many health problems, even heart disease, cancer or diabetes, outward symptoms and pain are often the last thing to appear. When you start to visit a chiropractor, pain is often the first thing to disappear, but it might not mean the underlying cause of the problem has been fixed. Let our Austin chiropractor help before its too late!

Phase 2: Chiropractic Corrective care

Our Austin chiropractor will do a re-exam at the end of the Relief phase.  If we see what we need to see, we know you’re ready to move to the Corrective phase.  This is where muscles, ligaments and other tissues begin to heal completely, which helps prevent re-injury.

Relieving symptoms is the simplest part of the process.  If our chiropractor stop as soon as the person feels better, we invite a relapse.  To avoid this relapse, it is vital to continue your care – even though you’re feeling better.  Again – think of your teeth.  Do you stop going to the dentist after you get that cavity filled?

During the Corrective phase, you will not have to visit the office as often as you did earlier in your care.

Phase 3: Chiropractic Wellness care

Once your body has fully healed, we hope people see the value in coming in for periodic maintenance/wellness adjustments.  This helps our Austin chiropractic patients perform at their best and avoid problems in the future.

A properly functioning nervous system, exercise, healthy eating and stress management help us to take care of our health.  Maintaining your spine will help you avoid those aches and pains, help keep your joints healthy and help you live life to the fullest!